Friday, March 15, 2013

Middle Earth to Middle Tennessee


It buried itself beneath the winter ground and didn't emerge until March came shining past, bringing Hannah home and warming the chill of February~~opening the door to the last two seasons of my parenting days.

Our own household began to bustle at the reality of Hannah's return; and before we knew it, the day was here!

and we frantically tried to pull ourselves together into some semblence of sanity...

As we took over the waiting lounge, spreading out signs to be decorated and keeping warm with coffee and hot chocolate, everyone felt the electricity of exitement build with every tick of the clock!



Some badges are worth more than others!  Rubbing it in is another story!
The plane is on time and a new record was set for clean up time!

Hannah's first sight looked something like this!

Who was first to be tackled....?!

Second tackle missed on camera!
And yet another tackle missed by the camera!
Finally!  She stops long enought to compare's hannah for the win!
No welcome home is complete without the group photo!
Yes...she hugged each and every person with or without a sign!


Apparently, New Zealand has routines of their own...and there was a sit down party in the middle of the airport waiting lounge!!!



Yes, that is Beks clinging to her sis!

A week later, our home was filled with the now college-age kids PLUS the high-school folks! 


Reverse 5 years.  these same girls wore the very same outfits complete with artistic makeup. 

Fast Forward 5 years.  some things just don't change....!!!


  ...and the seniors just keep on doing what they do best...
but there's always room for matter how long she stays away!!
Welcome Home Goobie...just in time for Spring!

Right now my cup is running over so much that it's poured out all over my life!