Friday, March 12, 2010 i write. 2 thess. 3:17

This title was what i had originally planned to name my blog; but, as usual, my teenagers overruled me...not to say unjustifiably so! There indeed was confirmation...we were watching this movie, a seemingly rather silly movie--Hope Floats--when low and behold!  Guess what words were said?  And not once, but twice!  Immediately, both girls said, "There's your confirmation!  Drop the ' i write!'" 

My best friends suggested such titles as "Forever Procrastinating..." (true, but so unromantic)..."Too Many Lemons In The Glass..." (you have to have joined us on our millions of lunch and dinner outings to understand this one)..."Later Than I Wanted To Be..." (a bit more of a romantic feel, but still reveals my bad habits!)..."Hippie Chick 4 God"...(because i'm over 50)... i write about how my cup runneth over...!!!

There's nothing unique about this blog...i'm just another blogger mommy seeking a way to capture life in words on a daily basis.  Capturing my memoirs by pen in a beautifully bound journal is my preferred means of writing, but it seems to take forever to scribble my i will blog!!!!

Welcome to my blog, and happy reading!