Thursday, March 13, 2014


I keep thinkin' i'll make time to catch up, but it seems I slip farther and farther behind on events, thoughts, etc.

This week, Rebeka and I traveled to Memphis to see my mom and dad, so our week has already been blown as far as completing any routine what better way to keep the procrastination going than to find something else to do...!  Sooo...i just did an iphone dump and decided to share what's been going on in my life....

A few weeks ago, my Memphis friends were blowing up my phone at 6:30 a.m. knowing I have been sleeping in lately...this was their encouragement for an empty-nest momma...yep.  i love my friends!
Not long after that, Rebeka came home (i will blog in more detail about that later!), from her YWAM Zion DTS in NZ. 
 The next weekend, Jessica came to welcome Rebeka home (as well as Bert, Elizabeth and Caroline!) I LOVE my family!

Side Note: My youngest two love stealing my phone and altering information...and so do their friends.  Kari wasted no time in filling in for my missing Hannah (fyi: Kari is made from the same mold as Hannah, so when she is here, it's like Hannah is here, which brings me such joy!) with selfies...I love this girl! 
I also love our community group!  Just the drive there soothes our mind, body and soul!  Oftentimes, we have unexpected guests...
This is Fred...
This is Bo...
With Hannah still staffing at YWAM Zion in New Zealand, we often receive some interesting photos from she and fellow staffer, Joehelen...
feelin' the love here!
that is a tree root...yes.
Rebeka and her friends celebrated Kari's birthday in Nashville...they are beautiful...!

Our trip to Memphis provided some lovely photos as well...
Bwaha! My mom still has a caboodles!!! How cool is that!
3 pomegranates (and what seems like 3 hours later) the fruit of my labor!

snapchatting to include Hannah in our fun times!

Rebeka's new place of employment!  Awesome restaurant by the way...check it out!

This morning's paper featured a story on one of Hannah's friends, Mackenzie!
Typical Rebeka shananigan...unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this...!!

 So there you have it...a snapshot of my far!  Now you know why my cup overflows!