Monday, April 30, 2012

I have many things to say

i have many thoughts to share...

first, i am listening to back to 1974...To The Morning by Dan Fogelberg.  He is probably one of my all time favorite musicians--John Denver is up there somewhere as well.

my daughter, Jessica, just gave birth to my 6th granddaughter! I wish i were able to see my daughters and granddaughters more often than i do...

i used to be so great about writing letters up until the past few years...I wish I could pinpoint why and get back into that habit.

i've gained 20 pounds since last body is NOT God's dwelling place right now.

i miss going clothes shopping.

i need friends. and a life.

my dog is 15 years old.

Anne Of Green Gables is probably my all time fav movie.

Is there anything in my mind that i yearn for so much it aches?  I can remember being young and that feeling of longing overshadowing every thought.

i can't wait to get back in shape. i'm challenging myself, and hopefully that will push me farther than i think i can go. because i have terrible willpower, and i need to learn discipline.  i want to start accomplishing my goals. i want to follow through with the things i say i will do. i want to be disciplined and responsible...and accomplished.

Sometimes i think it'd be nice to have some money to spend on myself...after spending it on others.

i want to fit into my church--wherever it may be--i need to. i need relationships with other people, focused on God, and keeping me accountable for things, not platonic fortitudes and fascades...

i love writing. but nothing i ever start finds a finish.

the moon is absolutely captivating. every night its glow beckons me from the sky and i can't help but be captivated--my breath taken away by its beauty eclipsed by dancing stars.

i am blessed to know how it feels to be in love.

i can't function without music.

i want to get back to that place of intimacy with God where i was so close that i could feel his breath on my life...i can't stand this complacency...