Tuesday, January 03, 2012

In The Meantime

I just pulled up my blog...it said it has been 5 months since my last entry....wow!  With all the events that have taken place, I thought it had been more than a year!...in the meantime, the time keeps ticking away!

Maybe one of these days, I might be able to weave a story retelling August to December...in the meantime, i'll work just to keep things together today!

Even now, with 2012 scattered all around before me, I can't seem to wrap up 2011...In the meantime, those days that have passed continue to grow more dim!

In all the discombobulation of the past five months, I have discovered that my need to draw nearer to my First Love is stronger than my need to make sense of August through December...in the meantime, I continue to waste those moments to do exactly that!

So much stuff and so little time...so much learned and so much to change.

I have declarations to make.

I have actions to take.

I have chaos to tame.

I have life to claim.

...in the meantime, everyone will have to be patient as the process of evaluating, sorting, tossing, keeping, changing, organizing, preparing, and doing begins!

2012, you came at a perfect time!  Welcome!  It's blank canvas and pages ready to be painted and written gives me reason for my cup to overflow!